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Stop Creditor Harassment

Affordable Bankruptcy Attorney fees from $895.00     


A bankruptcy filing will stop most wage garnishments, creditor phone calls, creditor harassment and most of all lawsuits. 

You will be able to discharge all of your debt except for few things like student loans and taxes, child support, etc.  

Within about two years from your discharge, you can have good credit again.  Yes it its true.  Call us for details.     We can help you to re-establish credit after bankruptcy too!

We have the lowest prices on Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Nevada.   Full Attorney representation included.   Fast and friendly attorney services at almost half the cost of other attorneys.


Our attorney and his staff has handled over three thousand bankruptcy cases in Nevada.   We have the knowledge and expertise to get you through this difficult time without losing all of your assets.     

We also have the lowest prices in Nevada.  
Call us today for free information and to see if you can qualify. 

Absolute Lowest Prices in Nevada

*** Note:  The above fee is only the attorney's fees and does not include court costs and credit counseling charges***Also Note these costs may be waived if you are below the 150% of poverty level income.


Call us to see if you qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy.  We will let your know quickly if you can qualify for a simple, affordable, chapter 7 filing.  

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